Stay focused on the driving, TomTom takes care of the rest. Real-time traffic information and road safety alerts* are provided to you by the European leader in GPS solutions, ensuring optimum efficiency to arrive at your destination on time. Perfectly integrated into the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, this navigation system operates to your every word! Thanks to a smart voice recognition, the road gets your full attention.

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See Territory Service Coverage "Territory_service_coverage.pdf"

*Availability may vary depending on the market


Choose your subscription


For all new vehicles equipped with a telematics box and ordered on or afer July 1st 2023 :
the Peugeot Connect SOS & Assistance and Telemaintenance* services are included in the Connect ONE pack (price already included in the vehicle price). The E-Remote Control & Connected Navigation services are included in the Connect PLUS pack, which requires a specific subscription. Connect PLUS is available at no additional cost for a trial period of 6 months from the warranty start date. After this trial period, Connect PLUS will be available as a paid service.         
*Telemaintenance requires specific activation by the customer.

The best Co-Driver


No need to touch your smartphone, it's easier to talk to your PEUGEOT. Your cutting-edge personal assistant* meets all your expectations, reacting to your voice commands. Your eyes stay on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Thanks to perfect integration within your PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, the intelligent online navigation service composes the best route to your destination considering up-to-date and reliable traffic data. Only the most relevant information is shown, meticulously selected by TomTom and its large community of users.

You are connected and so is your PEUGEOT!

*Availability may vary depending on the model



All about the service


Enjoy the technology in your PEUGEOT. The Connected 3D Navigation Pack Plus avoids traffic jams and leads you to your destination feeling relaxed and safe, having saved time on your arrival thanks to always up-to-date information*. Car-park availability and prices are suggested to you, and you can easily navigate to a fuel or charging station of your choice on route, already knowing the prices charged. Navigation display can also be duplicated in front of you, directly in the instrumentation or in the Head-Up Display**, so that you don't miss any information, turnings or alerts.


Interact with all the functions of your PEUGEOT without lifting a finger! Only the road deserves your attention, for the rest your personal assistant is at your disposal. Do you want to adjust the temperature or ventilation in the passenger compartment? Listen to a particular song? Know the weather forecast for your destination? Ask your personal assistant, consider it done.


  •  Over-The-Air Map Updates
  •  Dynamic Range Mapping***
  •  Charging Station Finder***
  •  Charging Point real time availability***
  •  Online Traffic
  •  Speed Camera and Road Safety Alerts
  •  Online Search address and point of interest
  •  Parking Information
  •  Fuel Prices
  •  Local Weather
  •  Natural Language Voice Recognition

*Availability may vary depending on the model
**Optional Equipment
***Depending on vehicle specification

Service Activation

How to activate:

When buying a new PEUGEOT, you get a 3-year subscription free-of-charge to TomTom services. Your local PEUGEOT Retailer will be able to activate this for you.

Once this period expires, you can renew your subscription directly from your MyPEUGEOT account for a period ranging from 1 to 3 years.

How to use it :

To configure the service in your car and learn more about the features offered by TomTom Services download the guides below.