Relax and save time when it comes to tracking your trip reports. With My Trip Report, you'll be able to find all the details of your journeys simply stored in the cloud, improving our previous service based on Bluetooth connection and making it more efficient.

In a couple of taps, you can download the reports, to always keep track of your vehicle's driving statistics - such as the average speed or consumption. With that knowledge, you can improve your future journeys or driving habits, to keep track of time and costs.

Just drive in peace of mind and let us keep track of the details for you.

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Always stay informed about your fuel or battery consumption and review any routes you've traveled - whether you want to check the route of your latest family visit or review your frequent business trips.
My Trip Report creates for you complete records of your travels in the cloud. 

Focus on the interesting part of the journey and choose your next destination while we record the details. Then, just download the reports (or share them with other devices) to be perfectly aware of all your driving statistics - and improve your future journeys saving time and money.

All about the service

At the end of your journey, you will receive a push notification on your smartphone to inform you that the last trip report is available. And thanks to the Cloud storage, you can retrieve all the records in the MyPeugeot app dedicated section. Do you need to retrieve a specific record? Just filter by day, month or year to find the reports you need. you can also compare the vehicle insights and trip information with others in a different period selected.

Your records are at your disposal. Have a look on them, share or download them in a couple of taps.

In the reports you'll find all the following details:

- Date and time of the trip (time of starting and time of ending)​
- Map geolocation with GPS coordinates of departure and arrival​
- Trip address of departure (street name of starting position) and trip address of arrival (street name of ending position)​
- Trip duration (driving time) ​and distance (driving distance covered)​
- Category of the trip​
- Average vehicle fuel consumption (ICE, PHEV)​
- Consumption cost (the function is available if the user filled in the fuel price)
- Average speed in km/h​
- Odometer in km

Service Activation

My Trip Report is part of MyPEugeotapp - so you can live an even more complete offboard experience. 
You'll find the dedicated section in the app after the activation at no additional cost just tapping on the Driving tab at the bottom of the screen. Once entered this section, you'll find the button to manage your trips and to download or share the records.

To use this service, you'll need to complete the Association Process – a few steps designed for your security, so only you can perform remote operations on your vehicle.​ 
It will be necessary to do it only once - and if you already did it to activate another connected service, no need to repeat it. 
​Here's the steps:​

- Take your key​
- Go onboard making sure to be in an area with a good mobile network availability​
- Download or open the MyPeugeot app ​
- Create (or log in to) your account
- In the MyPeugeot homepage, tap on the vehicle icon to access the connected services section ​
- Tap on the name of the service
- Follow the instructions appearing in the app. You will need to:​

1- define a trusted phone number​
2- set a security code ​
3 - connect the phone to the vehicle via Bluetooth.​

Your service will be activated after the Association: if it’s not immediate, don’t worry, you’ll see in the app some suggestions to shorten the process, such as switching off the engine and then driving for some quick journeys of 5-15 minutes.​

This Association and the Bluetooth pairing are necessary only the first time, after that everything will be in the cloud, for a stabler connection and a better experience.