Real Time Traffic

Real Time Traffic


Stay focused on the fun of driving with the Real Time Traffic, which allows you to drive without distraction. PEUGEOT has chosen the leading GPS mapping provider TomTom, so you can stay focused on the road enjoying your journey from A to Z. 

This service is included free of charge for 3 years with all purchases of new cars equipped with Real Time Traffic – when signed in, you are able to confirm eligibility of your car and subscribe.

The countries covered by these services are listed in the General conditions of sale and use, click here.

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For all new vehicles equipped with a telematics box and ordered on or afer July 1st 2023 :
the Peugeot Connect SOS & Assistance and Telemaintenance* services are included in the Connect ONE pack (price already included in the vehicle price). The E-Remote Control & Connected Navigation services are included in the Connect PLUS pack, which requires a specific subscription. Connect PLUS is available at no additional cost for a trial period of 6 months from the warranty start date. After this trial period, Connect PLUS will be available as a paid service.         
*Telemaintenance requires specific activation by the customer.

The best co-driver

No need to mess around with your smartphone any more, your eyes can stay on the road and your hands on the steering wheel with the inbuilt system. 

With the onboard Real Time Traffic service, your car finds the best route in real time, based on reliable traffic news.

No superfluous information, just the best GPS solution, thanks to the recognised expertise of TomTom's users. TomTom's large community of users are generating real-time information with their connected devices.

PEUGEOT incorporates its connected navigation system in the main screen of your car. Working seamlessly inside your car, you get the benefit of voice control. Your smartphone can also be connected to the whole system, which means you don’t use its battery, you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

Keep your PEUGEOT in the palm of your hand. Connect your car to my PEUGEOT and discover all the benefits of a car connected to your favourite services.


Complete peace of mind

Enjoy the time in your vehicle to the fullest extent, with the Real Time Traffic including live updates from TomTom. You can find addresses, avoid traffic jams, and find the cheap fuel or parking, all thanks to the real time updates.  These are delivered to your cars touchscreen, and also available on the instrument panel screen in your Peugeot i-cockpit.

The road network is constantly evolving: traffic directions change, pedestrian areas expand and some roads are no longer accessible to cars. To get the most out of your navigation system and get optimal directions, make sure that all data is always correct: if your vehicle is equipped with "Over-the-air" Map Update you don't have to give a though, it will do the updates automatically - but don't worry, even if it's not you can easily update your maps! Regularly visit the dedicated section on the Peugeot website to check if any update is available for you: enter your VIN, check if there are new updates to download and follow the simple instructions.
Just follow the best route!

A dedicated assistant at your service

When following a route, we are committed to ensure we provide the information you need – and nothing else. No inconvenient adverts, no pop-ups, no requests to talk to an unknown co-user. Just the best GPS solutions in real time brought together on your vehicle screen. Peugeot Real Time Traffic benefits from TomTom user community information to deliver you the best in-car service, without ever using your data for commercial purposes, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Permanently connected

If your PEUGEOT is equipped with Connect SOS, it has an inbuilt telematics box meaning all connected services can work seamlessly.
If your vehicle doesn’t have Connect SOS, the live connected services will only work when sharing your compatible smartphone’s data connection.

TomTom services

    Real time traffic news
    Parking prices and availability
    Weather forecast on your journey
    Voice control supported
    Fuel station information including pricing
    Quick search for addresses and points of interest
    SpeedCam alerts
    Availability of electric vehicle charging points

Do you want to know more on Connected Navigation?

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When you buy a PEUGEOT equipped with a Real Time Traffic system, you can benefit from a free 3 year subscription to lives services, provided by TomTom.  After 3 years, you can extend the services in your online account.

How to use it:

1. Subscribe to the service: create an account, add your vehicle, and choose your services and checkout.

2. Once you have subscribed, you need to activate the subscription and settings in your car.  Simply follow the relevant printable guide or video tutorial below.  Remember services can take a few days to become active in the car, and will activate quicker if the vehicle is driven in area with good mobile signal.

508, Rifter, Partner van, 208, 2008, 308, 3008, 5008, Traveller, Expert van:

If you would like to benefit from Real Time Traffic services and your vehicle is not equipped with a Peugeot SOS & Assistance button, you use your smartphone's internet connection instead. You'll need to turn on your smartphone's WiFi hotspot.  To do this, go to the smartphone configuration/settings and follow these steps (may vary between devices):

Connection sharing > Wi-Fi Hotspot > Mobile access point > Tethering